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Van der Ven no hero as Paris approaches


In Antalya, van der Ven completed thirty third with a 662 qualification and an agonising fourth (659) in Gwangju, his finest particular person spot up to now this circuit.

“I haven’t changed anything,” he mentioned in regards to the distance between the 2 finishes.

“Antalya was just a bit iffy and I couldn’t hit enough 10’s to compensate the arrows that landed out of the gold. They were close, but they just didn’t hit the 10 line. In Gwangju it all connected, the feeling of my shots was also better compared to Antalya and that showed in the results.”

And the distinction between the person and group outcomes?

“In teams there are just 16-24 or so and are even less who have two or three good archers,” he explains. “Individually, you have a lot more guys that can win a medal so the odds of winning there are a bit more slimmer, still there but smaller.”

“Also, in the team round you win three rounds and you are in the medal matches, individual you need to win five to be in the Sunday matches.”

These Sunday matches. We love them (and Saturday ones too). If issues go nicely for the previous world primary, he may very well be in three in Paris this Sunday.

“The goal is always to get a medal, but there are multiple factors that can influence the outcome of the competitions,” he says. 

“In teams, we can’t do anything else than shoot our best. Hopefully that will be enough for us to get a medal. We do have a strong team, it just has to connect at those team competition days and then we have a good opportunity to walk away with a medal.”

“Particular person is similar in fact however there are far more archers who’ve the ability degree to be adequate to get a medal so it can rely upon what you’ll be able to shoot in opposition to your opponent on the proper time.”

“Everyone knows that we will shoot at a excessive degree and that it in all probability ends as much as who can edge out their opponent the most effective on the proper second, on the correct day,” he added.

“Many of the matches might be determined by a one-point distinction (in particular person units) so they are going to be shut, however that can also be the enjoyable facet. Matches could be 10s and shut collectively and that you realize you’ll have to deliver your finest to advance to the following spherical. This may even make you a greater archer, regardless in case you win or lose.”

“But, I’m happy about the season so far and I hope I – and we – can add some more medals to this season in the next couple of competitions.”

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