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Psarra targets record seventh Olympic Games at Paris 2024


It has been well-documented that Athens 2004 remains Psarra’s best-ever Olympic memory, and rightly so.

Popping out on residence soil in entrance of 3000 followers chanting your title at an historic Olympic stadium is tough to beat, however one different Olympic reminiscence sticks in her thoughts.

“I remember in Sydney, at my first Olympic Games, attending the opening ceremony,” says Psarra. “As you know, Greece is the first team that comes into the stadium and that feeling when I walked inside and there was a whole stadium cheering for Greece. I never felt that before. It was amazing.”

“When I first started in 1994 I did not think that I would even compete in competitions. I was almost 21 years old so it was no time to think that I could be in a national team or compete in international competitions, or even in an Olympics. It was just a hobby for me, to be in a sport, to be in another community. It never crossed my mind.”

So how does Psarra hold discovering the motivation to return again?

“Well, it’s a way of life now. I’ve been doing this for so many years. It became a part of me,” she says. “Every time I had big breaks after giving birth to my daughter, first, and then my son, I had, maybe, a two-year break, but then something inside me said that this is not the end. I kept coming back.”

“For me, it’s a family thing. My husband is also my coach from the first time I shot with a bow. Over the years, after my kids were born, after trying many other things, they were into archery as well.”

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