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Max Verstappen’s Bahrain GP radio outbursts in full


Max Verstappen‘s defence of his first Formulation One world championship began in dramatic circumstances as he was compelled to retire in the car in the closing laps of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Verstappen ran second for the whole race and regarded properly positioned to problem Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for victory at a late Security Automotive restart, solely to come across automobile points within the closing laps.

An indignant Verstappen radio message had already been broadcast earlier within the race, because the reigning champion complained about being requested to not push the tyres too laborious on the lap after each his pit-stops.

Verstappen felt that with out these requests, Leclerc wouldn’t have stayed forward when he emerged from his personal pit-stops.

Lap 32

Verstappen: “OK this is now two times that I take it easy on the out-lap, that I could have been in front.

“I’m by no means, ever doing it once more!”

The drama would continue for Verstappen later in the race and once again played out over the radio.

After his final stop, Verstappen started to complain about some odd behaviour from his car’s steering wheel, which was later traced to damage sustained to one of its track-rods when the car was dropped off its jacks after the tyre change.

Here are his exchanges with race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase as the problem unravelled in the final portion of the race.

Lap 43

Verstappen: “Mate, my steering wheel is instantly very heavy…”

Lap 44

Verstappen: “I virtually cannot steer.”

Lambiase: “Let me know if we have to field, Max,”

Verstappen: “No, simply f—— inform me what’s fallacious and I am going to attempt to deal with it”

Lap 46:

Lambiase: “Max, is the [steering] wheel heavy in each instructions, so each left hand and proper hand down?”

Verstappen: “In every single place, in every single place! It isn’t even easy. Like I’ve to *censored by F1* even on the straight”

Lambiase: “We’re staying out. We do not imagine it’s a reliability concern at this stage”.

Lap 49

Verstappen: “Yeah… it is increasingly more troublesome to steer with velocity”

At this stage, Verstappen appeared to have been put back into contention for victory, with a late Safety Car wiping out the time advantage Leclerc had built up over the race.

Lap 52

As the Safety Car returned to the pits and the race resumed, it was quickly apparent Verstappen was not going to be able to mount a late challenge on Leclerc’s lead.

The delayed radio messages continued to be broadcast.

Verstappen: “Mate, what is going on on with the battery?”

Lambiase: “Battery fantastic”.

Verstappen: “No, it is not! What the f— is that this?”

Lap 54

Shortly afterwards, another exchange was broadcast as Verstappen was passed by Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz. He then slowed dramatically and tumbled down the order.

He would return the car to the pit-lane to retire from the race.

Verstappen: “It is s—— itself!”

Lambiase: “We are able to see the problem, Max. It isn’t battery associated”

Verstappen: “What would you like me to do?”

Lambiase: “There’s not loads we are able to do”.

The drama continued for Red Bull on the final lap, as Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez defended third position from Lewis Hamilton.

Perez, who had complained about a loss of power a lap previously, spun at Turn 1 and did not restart the car, meaning Red Bull went from running both cars in the top four to failing to score a single point in a handful of laps.

Red Bull suspects both failures were associated to the gasoline system on its vehicles.

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