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Justin Allgaier just shy of victory in JRM teammate showdown with Josh Berry at Charlotte


CONCORD, N.C. — Justin Allgaier’s shrug and smile did a number of the heavy lifting in telling his feeling after a slugfest of a race with fellow JR Motorsports ace Josh Berry. The 2 teammates had been 1A and 1B for a lot of Saturday afternoon at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and their intrateam battle turned bodily at instances within the Alsco Uniforms 300.

Allgaier took the brief finish of their final-stage conflict, getting his No. 7 Chevrolet free in Flip 1 with 15 laps remaining and permitting Berry’s No. 8 Chevy to scrape by. By that point, the lead pair had a 15-plus second hole on the third-place runner. Berry waltzed to an 18-second margin of victory over runner-up Ty Gibbs. Allgaier stopped for tires after his wall contact however nonetheless held for seventh place as the primary driver one lap down.

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Their battle was validation of the present pace degree of JR Motorsports, but in addition a referendum on the gloves-off nature of racing throughout the group and the place the road within the sand is marked. With their efficiency near-equal and optimum, Berry and Allgaier have had a behavior of being in shut quarters in latest weeks. Saturday was the newest chapter.

“Every week, it just seems like we’re battling amongst ourselves,” Allgaier mentioned from pit highway post-race. “It may not even be for the win, but whether it be for fifth or second or 10th — whatever it is — we race each other really hard and we race each other a lot. So it can be difficult at times. I mean, obviously knowing where that line is, it’s always the difficult part, but on the other side of it, I think you race each other aggressively but trying not to wreck each other and battle it out for the win.

“Like I said, the worst thing we could do is come here with four extremely fast Camaros and not one of us win it, right? So we did the best job we could today, and we came up a little bit short but obviously as a company, we still got the victory.”

Allgaier led 63 laps, second solely to Berry’s race-high 89. Solely three different drivers led laps Saturday, and JRM’s Noah Gragson and Sam Mayer had been amongst them.

Allgaier apologized to his crew with 10 laps remaining after his destiny was forged: “That’s a heck of a way to lose one right there, boys. I’m sorry.” However No. 7 crew chief Jason Burdett mentioned there was comfort to be present in how nicely the group ran.

“As an organization, I don’t know, I mean, we can’t ask for much more out of either of those guys,” Burdett advised NASCAR.com. “With 20 to go, we’re 15 seconds ahead of third and they’re both racing as hard as they can go. Now, unfortunately, we got the fence, which ultimately ruined a second-place finish but it’s fun.

“I think they asked me during the race about battling with the 8 and teammates all the time. It makes it harder because you know it goes both ways. You want them to give you a little; they want you to give you a little, because your teammates — this, that, whatever — but at the end of the day, man, all four of us have been really good for the last couple of months, and that’s a lot of fun. And it keeps pushing everybody to be better every week.”

Few have been lately higher than JRM, which has received 4 of the final 5 Xfinity Collection races. Berry (Charlotte, Dover Motor Speedway) has accounted for a pair of these, and Allgaier added a tally to that stretch at Darlington Raceway.

The tour returns subsequent Saturday on the Portland, Oregon, highway course, and the chances Berry and Allgaier are racing in shut confines are higher than common. In any occasion, Berry mentioned an underlying sense of respect permeated their near-weekly heat-of-the-moment battles.

“I mean, it’s tough, right? Like, the reality of it is, our cars are phenomenal right now,” he mentioned. “And there’s five of us in the top seven, eight, whatever it is. We’re gonna have to race each other and more times than not, Justin and I seem to find each other racing for these wins. It was intense, but I respect Justin. He’s a very underrated race-car driver. He’s very good, and right now, the reality of it is that we’re pushing each other to get better every week. And that was a tough battle for sure. But it came down to it that, who was going to slip and luckily I didn’t.”

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